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Wind turbine services

IBERAT has more than 7 years of experience in inspecting and repairing of blades on ropes, both onshore and offshore. We have worked for various Wind manufactures and owners in northern Europe with a wide range of solutions from different wind manufacturers and knowledge of various work instructions, risk assessment, method statement for the needs of our customers. We are focus in safety and quality.


structural_damage_repair Structural damage repair, epoxy and polyester.
replacement_of_lightning_receptors_and_conductivity_checksReconstruction of shells
repair_of_dry_fiber, Horizontal/_vertical_cracks_and_delamination Complex repairs including carbon spars.
replacement_of_balsa-cracks_or_foamReplacement of lightning receptors and conductivity checks. Megger test DLRO 10.
repairs_and_internal_reviewsRepair of dry fiber, Horizontal/ vertical cracks and delamination.
replacement_vortexReplacement of vortex, gurnin flaps, stall strips, dino-tails ect.
erosion_preventionErosion prevention in leading edge placement LEP9, 3M tape, ELLE polytech and BASF.
camera_inspectionsCamera inspections from the ground and thermal camera inspections.

Tower and Nacelles

welding_and_Anti-rust_treatmentsSandblasting ISO Sa3, NACE No1, white metal.
cleaningAnti-rust treatments, treatment against corrosion.
welding_and_Anti-rust_treatmentsMarine coating solution

Oil and gas platforms/ Industrial plants/Vessels

non-destructive_tests_(ultrasound,_penetrating_liquids)Non-destructive tests (ultrasound, penetrating liquids)
different_types_of_weldingDifferent types of welding
sandblastingSandblasting ISO Sa3, NACE No1, white metal.
paintingPainting, marine coating solution.
anti-rust_treatmentAnti-rust treatment
rigging_worksRigging works
rescueRescue and supervision teams